Safeguard your booking with our insurance

At My Place Hotel, guests’ health and safety has always been our priority.

Precisely for this reason, for several years now we have been collaborating with Allianz Insurance to offer you the Allianz Global Assistance*, an insurance plan dedicated to those who want to leave for a totally safe and carefree holiday.

By activating the insurance, with only 3% of the deposit, you will protect the amount you paid as a deposit or your prepayment in case of:

  • cancellation of your stay
  • interruption of your stay for any reason
  • delays in arrival at our hotelrrivo presso il nostro hotel

Booking Protection

This Insurance was created to reimburse expenses incurred when the guest has to renounce to the planned holiday, to delay the arrival or to interrupt the holiday due to:

  • serious illness
  • injury of the guest or a family member
  • difficulty in reaching the hotel

Booking Protection Plus

This policy includes the basic Booking Protection plus telephone medical assistance to receive information and/or medical advice, get the visit of a doctor, transport to equipped facilities and return home of the insured.

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*The Allianz Global Assistance plan does not cover delays, cancellations and/or interruptions of the stay due to CoVid-19.